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Wiz Flip Out

McGee and Blatche, giving their best Thizz faces.

With Adrian Wojnarowski reporting that the Washington Wizards have fired head coach Flip Saunders, the team appears to be headed towards a major rebuilding commitment.  While owner Ted Leonsis has attempted to improve the Wiz by small movements, it is very apparent that this team cannot be a playoff caliber team (or anything close) with the selfish trio of Andray Blatche, Nick Young, and JaVale McGee.  All three of these players are athletic and young, so it stands to reason that other teams would have desire in the raw talent in the hopes of maybe turning around their bad tendencies.

Andray Blatche

Blatche is never going to be a defensive presence, but there is something terribly off about his shot selection this season.  His FG% is down from .445 last season to .380 this year, and while he’s received the brunt of the Wizards’ ridicule, he has actually been taking 3 less shots per game than he did last year.

Could work for:

Phoenix Suns

The Suns took a huge offensive step back when they lost Amar’e Stoudemire.  Since then, their big man game has been weakened as well.  Robin Lopez has been unimpressive, and a creative trade might be an easy way of getting rid of their Josh Childress contract.

Miami Heat

I know how it sounds, but Erik Spoelstra is one of the few coaches who might be able to make Blatche an acceptable help defender.  He has the athleticism to defend, maybe putting him in a position where his offense is superfluous would be good for him.

Nick Young

Young is a prime example of how Gilbert Arenas was poisonous to this team’s mindset.  He’s wonderful with the ball in his hands, but he is cocky, selfish, and when needed to facilitate the rest of his teammates, finds himself unable or unwilling to help.

Could work for:

Dallas Mavericks

While Lamar Odom is a spectacular player, he hasn’t been playing well at all for the Mavs.  Eventually, he will be able to be his old self, a cannonball that few can match up well with, but as of now, this team could use him in order to produce in the same capacity that they employed Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson last season.

Chicago Bulls

Now, Young already plays with an excellent young point guard, but there is no chance that Young could be able to lead the Bulls in scoring like he did last year with Washington.  This could help Young to develop a little sense of humility with a team that’s not known to pander to its players.  Discipline, discipline, discipline.  Also, the Bulls are watching Luol Deng’s injury very closely, and might need some extra scoring to maintain their record.

JaVale McGee

If I were a betting man, I would say that McGee is the most likely to remain with the Wizards.  He’s more driven than the other stooges, he’s liked by fans (on occasion), and if the league ever allows double-dunking in games, he has a significant lead on all other players.  Not saying it’s going to happen, but Leonsis is a “forward-thinking” owner, you know.  However, with the right training and mental preparation, McGee could be a mixture of Pau Gasol and Ralph Sampson, long and lean, with great hands.

Could work for:

Minnesota Timberwolves

This team has some promise, but they’ve got to trim some fat first.  If the Wolves could find a way to pair McGee with Kevin Love, Love’s work ethic could rub off, and a starting five including Ricky Rubio, Wesley Johnson, Derrick Williams, McGee, and Love would be rather imposing when they hit their primes.

Milwaukee Bucks

While the Bucks already have a few players of his size, they are also ranked 25th in the league in rebounds and 24th in blocks.  McGee could add something to this anemic offense, and further lock down the paint.


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Josh Howard’s Celebrity All-Star Basketball Game

Charity rocks!

Oh, you had better believe we were there, and we live Tweeted it. The NBA is not going on right now, and may not be for quite some time, so we took in the best basketball game our city has seen since game five of the NBA Finals. No, it was not as hype as a playoff game. No, it was not super packed and yes, the game was played on a DISD court, but this is all we have right now and dammit, we enjoyed it.

Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas estimated about 2,000 spectators to be in attendance for the game. However, having tweeted him during the game he might have had that number confused with the amount of three-pointers that Damon Jones took. Seriously, Kevin Durant was just feeding him the ball all night (Russell Westbrook take notice). Honestly, the game could not have been more entertaining. It was a perfect mix of pickup game, meets no defense, meets traveling galore, with sprinkles of flash.

Josh Howard, Nick Young, Andray Blatche (yes, it was a Wizards’ scrimmage essentially), Jarrett Jack, LaMarcus Aldridge, Desanga Diop, Corey Brewer, D.J. Mbenga (in Dallas we still love him), Reggie Evans, Marquis Daniels, Damion James, Jeremy Evans, Anthony Randolph, Trevor Booker, who coached the blue team, Damion Wilkins, Jason Maxiell, Hamady N’Diaye,  and would-be rookie Isaiah Thomas were among the notables playing.

Unfortunately, both Jeremy Evans and Mbenga had to leave the game after both being walloped in the face at one point.

Other than Durant shoveling the ball to Jones on every possession, Young was doing everything in his power to command this game. He was streaking out on the break (there was no transition defense), he was driving the lane (there was no interior defense except for a couple of Diop and Mbenga blocks), and he was knocking down an off-balance outside shot (sometimes). Look, this is what we have and it was fun. Jason Terry and John Wall were in the building as well but they were not dressed out.

Yes, it was sloppy. At one point Durant just tossed the ball out-of-bounds intentionally. It looked as though he may have been going for the off the wall dunk but he missed horribly. He was more concerned about assists on this night. At one point he ran over to the scorer’s table to ask if they were keeping statistics because he wanted to set a personal high in assists. They were not. However, he probably did set that mark.

Without an official score keeper it is safe to say that Damon Jones led all scorers. All of those three-point attempts (and they were plenty) gave him that edge. Yet, his game is boring and he is not even in the NBA anymore.

Howard’s team won the game, despite him not playing in the second half, 139-128.

Thank goodness there were people with Ball is Life t-shirts on there filming the event. The highlights will be posted here when they are available for YouTube embedding, but right now you can view them here. We will post our grainy camera phone pictures on our Tumblr.

After the game was over outside, I shouted at Blatche and Young that I hoped they have a season. Young said that he hoped they did too. Blatche was more occupied by the two women in front of him. Oh, Andre.


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Andray Blatche holds a Workout for Wizards Players and has a Coloring Book

Getting in shape

Labor talks seem to be moving along but no real information about how far they have or have not progressed keeps everyone guessing as to when, or if, the labor dispute will be resolved. Players are even in the dark about the state of negotiations and have begun to take matters into their own hands by organizing workouts and practices with their teammates. Amar’e Stoudemire has organized a mini camp for the Knicks and now Andray Blatche has organized workouts with his fellow Washington Wizards. With the season tentatively scheduled to begin on November 1, Blatche’s decision to organize workouts to ensure that his team is in game shape when, if, the season begins is a good one. There is just one problem, though. Only two other players showed up to the first workout session on Monday.

Chris Singleton and HamadyNdiaye joined Blatche while the rest of the team was a no-show. Some players have excuses for not attending, Mike Prada points out at Bullets Forever.

Trevor Booker is in Israel, so his absence makes sense.  Kevin Seraphin is at Eurobasket, of course.  Mo Evans is kind of busy with lockout stuff.  I’m not sure where JaVale McGee is, but I know he was in Los Angeles most of the summer, so he might also be going to Las Vegas.

The reference to Las Vegas is because that is where the Impact Basketball League is taking place for two weeks. Six Wizards (not Albus Dumbledore, however) will be playing in the league which is a five-on-five, eight team tournament featuring only NBA players. So, Blatche’s timing may be a little off but it seems that most of the Wizards players, who are in Los Angeles this summer, just did not want to make the flight across the country to attend the workouts. Life must be so hard for them. Yet, Blatche is not dejected by the turnout and is hopeful that John Wall and Rashard Lewis will attend later this week.

In order to entice more of his teammates to join his workouts Blatche should offer them something in return for their burdensome travel across the country in first class. He may have just the thing, too.

Pure awesome

When he is not stumbling into situations that paint him in a negative, immature, and likes-to-party-at-stripclubs-because-lap-dances-are-awesome light, Blatche does a lot of community service (not court appointed). Much of the work centers around children and teaching them the values of nutrition and a balanced diet. Honestly, this initiative is something that is important as more and more children are becoming obese. Hats off to Blatche for reaching out into the community to address this issue. Back to the item to lure his teammates to his workouts, however. To promote a healthy life style to kids, Blatche has released a coloring book extolling the benefits of eating right. Yes, a coloring book. Who would not want one of these? His teammates probably do.

Blatche hands out the coloring and activity book, Get Ready, Get Set, Get Healthy with Andray Blatche, when he attends elementary schools. In addition to promoting healthy eating, Blatche is also emphasizing walking as a positive form of excercise and is planing gardens in the Miami area. Think what you want about him and his game, but Blatche is proving that he may just be maturing. Perhaps he will one day be the recipient of the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.

Take a look some of the pages from the book. If you do not want to eat better and color then there is probably something wrong with you. This book is awesome. However, the page with the happy cow is a little disconcerting. The happy fish is okay, but the cow? That page makes a strong case for vegetarianism. Who wants to know that their food was once happy and alive before being slaughtered and served up for our delight? (I digress) Hopefully, this book will help more children than Wizards players who attended Blatche’s workouts make the right choices when it comes to what they eat.

Pictures after the break.

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Andray Blatche wants to Fight

Comin', comin' at ya

Andray Blatche is many things: player on the Washington Wizards, good on paper, the laziest defender in the league, and a power forward. However, after his recent Twitter incident, you can also add  prize fighter to that list…or at least that is what he thinks himself to be.

Sarah Schorno Kogod of NBC Washington brought Blatche’s aspirations to become a fighter to light for those who do not follow him on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @drayblatche. Blatche allegedly had an internet altercation (yes, it is as lame as it sounds) with a follower on Twitter and wanted to bring his squabble into the real world. It never panned out. However, Don King should take note as internet beef can be quite profitable if marketed correctly.

Blatche’s actions can be considered commendable, though. It is easier, and cleaner, to have a war of words on the internet rather than having one at a game on national…wait this is the Wizards…local television. Maybe what Blatche knows is that FOX is bringing back that celebrity boxing show from the 1990s and he wanted an early audition.

Nonetheless, Blatche has to be happy that he can challenge people to fights via the internet. Washington D.C. is a great destination for a street fighting man. If he lived in Denver it would be a different story. Nothing good befalls athletes there.

Of course Blatche denied that it was him who made the tweets shortly after the story broke. It was probably the same person who hacked Paul Pierce’s account that broke into Blatche’s, right? That kind of stuff happens everyday. It is just like identity theft, right? Pretty common place.

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10 Player Report Card

Back on October 14 I listed 10 NBA players to watch this season based on what they had done in the preseason or at the FIBA World Championships as well as my own personal biases towards some of them. Now that the season is a quarter of he way finished there is no better time than to hand out a report card. Not only is it a nice little grading scale for the players but it also serves as somewhat of a referendum of my choices.

Patrick Beverley | Grade: N/A

About ten days after I declared that you, the Beef readers, should pay attention to Beverley, the Miami heat went and cut him to make room for Jerry Stackhouse. Geez, way to throw egg in my eye, Pat Riley. Therefore, Beverley receives no grade at all. He is currently playing in China with the Shanghai Dongfang Sharks, Yao Ming‘s old team.

Darren Collison | Grade: C

Collison’s first real stint as a team’s starting point guard has not gone as smoothly as he or the Indiana Pacers would have hoped. He has already missed three games due to injury which has thrust T.J. Ford, who is ever-present on Indy’s trade block, into a larger role with the team. Collison is averaging just six minutes more per game than Ford but his average stats, outside of his 13.7 points, are not much better than Ford’s numbers. 2.7 rebounds per game for Collison compared to Ford’s 2.5 and 4.4 assists to Ford’s 3.9. Collison also has an assist to turnover ratio of 2/1. Collison needs to improve his non scoring categories if he and the Pacers hope to see a return of the player that filled in for Chris Paul so wonderfully last season.

Dominique Jones | Grade: Incomplete

Jones has appeared in only nine of the Dallas Mavericks’ 20 games thus far. Because of this, his grade is an incomplete. When he does get time on the court his play is marred by turnovers. This is undoubtedly because he likes to get to the rim in traffic when hands come flying in at the ball from all directions. His lack of minutes is also due to the fact that the Mavericks are unbelievably deep this season, especially at shooting guard. Hopefully as the season progresses, Rick Carlisle will find more minutes for this promising rookie. However, for that to happen, Dallas will need to start blowing teams out more frequently instead of playing somewhat tight games.

Linas Kleiza | Grade: D –

The Toronto Raptors are not as bad as we thought they would be this season but Kleiza is far worse than anyone could have imagined after a quarter of the season has passed. He is a shell of the player he was during the FIBA World Championships this summer. So far, Kleiza is averaging 9.6 points and 3.7 rebounds this season in 23 minutes per game. Gross. He is also shooting an appalling 24 percent from deep. What happened to the fit, muscular Kleiza that we saw over the summer? Apparently he left that side of himself in Turkey. Maybe he should tell Allen Iverson where to find it.

Kevin Love | Grade: A +

“Yeah., yeah, yeah … here he goes again lauding the efforts of Kevin Love. We know, you have loved him for some time now and his numbers a ridiculous this year but you really do not need to keep piling on the love.” (That  is what I can assume your thought process is, if you are a regular reader, when you see Love’s name mentioned anywhere on the site.) He had the first 30-30 game since 1982. He has pulled down 15 or more rebounds in a game ten times this season. No other player has done that more than six times. He leads the league in both offensive, defensive, and total rebounding and leads in total rebounding average with 15.3 per game. This is what I wrote about Love when I said that he was a player to watch this season, “Plain and simple: Kevin Love is the best rebounder in the league.” Looks like I was more than right.

Wesley Matthews | Grade: B +

Matthews stepped into the starting lineup when Brandon Roy went down with an early injury for a couple of games. Since that time he has usurped Nicolas Batum in the starting rotation. He now frequently leads the team in scoring. In the seven games that Matthews has started this season he is averaging 20.9 points, connecting on 2.4 shots from deep, four rebounds, and 1.6 steals. He has topped the 20 point plateau in four of his last five games.  It appears that the money that the Portland Trail Blazers spent to lure Matthews away from Utah has been a good investment.

JaVale McGee | Grade: C +

Both of us here at the Beef want nothing but good things for McGee. He is one of those players who we can just not seem to quit rooting for. McGee is having a decent season with the Wizards this year but he could improve his numbers. Head Coach Flip Saunders wanted McGee to improve his rebounding during the preseason and as McGee is currently averaging 8.5 rebounds there is certainly still room to improve. He should be a double-double threat every night. Where he does not need to improve is with his shot blocking. McGee currently averages 2.6 blocks per game and has a total of 49 blocks this season which ranks him second, in both categories, in the NBA behind, of all people, Darko Milicic. I said in my initial article that McGee edged out Andray Blatche to make the list but it looks like Blatche will have the final word with the season he is putting together thus far.

C.J. Miles | Grade: B

Miles is Utah’s sixth man this season as Raja Bell finds himself in the starting lineup. Obviously, Jerry Sloan knows what he is doing bringing Miles of the bench as an offensive spark. He is averaging 11 points per game but 17.2 per 36 minutes which is better than Al Jefferson. Miles is in there to score the ball and little else. It would be nice to see him improve his field goal percentage which is only 39.7 percent at present. Bringing it up to 42-43 percent is what he needs to shoot for.

Ramon Sessions | Grade: either B – or D depending on the night

Sessions is another one of those players who I just cannot quit. He has flashes of brilliance followed by the dregs of mediocrity. He is averaging 10.7 points and 4.4 assists this season as the Cleveland Cavaliers’ backup point guard who sometimes gets the start. However, his game-to-game numbers are like a roller coaster ride. Here are his point totals through 20 games this season: 14, 4, 21, 7, 9, 6, 15, 14, 17, 7, 16, 2, 15, 3, 13, 5, 14, 11, 18, 2. Twice this season the only points he has scored have come at the charity stripe. His assist numbers remain fairly consistent though which seems to be his most redeeming quality as a player this season and why I am not grading him harsher. Despite his scoring ups and downs, he is the tied with Antawn Jamison for total points on the team with 213 and is just one point behind J.J. Hickson who is third on the team.

Marreese Speights | Grade: D

There are some redeeming qualities for the Philadelpia 76ers this season, unfortunately Speights does not find himself among them. He is averaging only 12.8 minutes per game scoring only 5.3 points and collecting 3.8 rebounds. His per 36 minutes numbers are much better but they do not matter when it takes him three games to log that much time on the floor. Doug Collins cannot seem to find a place for him in the regular rotation with Elton Brand, Thaddeus Young, and Spencer Hawes ahead of him. I said that he needed minutes to see actual dividends in my original article and it looks like those minutes may never come.

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Bouncing off the Wall

The Wiz may be 2-4 but John Wall is having a strong start to the season.

Turns out that John Wall is actually a pretty good basketball player.

Tonight Wall recorded his most impressive game yet landing his first triple double with 19 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds to lead his Wizards against the Rockets, 98-91.

Wall has been averaging nearly a double double a game with 19 points and 9 assists per game and helped the Wizards get their second win of the season with a 10-0 run in the fourth quarter to gain the lead.  He walked away from the game with six steals and only one turnover as well.

His efforts and success so far in the beginning of this season are breaking the current curse that seems to be trailing first overall picks.  Two of the last three have missed significant parts of their first season due to injuries.  This game also further complicates the intricate balance with Gilbert Arenas at the point.  Arenas has shown that he is no longer interested in leading the Wizards but his contract is preventing any sort of trade.  He finished the game with only five points in 23 minutes.

Andray Blatche finished the game with 20 points and Al Thornton scored 20 as well including the go-ahead basket with 4:53 left to seal Washington’s lead.

Yao Ming injured his leg in the first 6:14 in the game when he took a charge from the Wizards JaVale McGee.  He did not return to the game and only recorded one rebound on his stat sheet.  The Rockets have been limiting the amount of time Yao sees on the court due to how injury prone he is.

Houston has lost six of the last seven and now find themselves at 1-6.

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John Wall “Dougies” to near Triple-Double

John Wall is many things. He was the number one overall draft pick this summer, a potential rookie of the year, and a great candidate for dancing with the stars. Wait, what was that last one? Yes, that is right, Wall knows how to cut a rug or rather in this case “The Dougie.”

Last night was the home opener for the Washington Wizards who are now 1-2. Wall treated the fans to a lovely “Dougie” during the team introduction. However, the fans were more than thrilled with the rest of the performance that he had in store for them.

Washington played host to the Philadelphia 76ers and Evan Turner. The game seesawed back and forth with each team gaining a double-digit lead at one point or another. Eventually though they would be tied at the end of regulation and head into overtime where Andray Blatche would seal the 116-115 victory with a pair of free throws.

Wall quickly out shined his rookie counterpart, Turner, in their first matchup. Turner was drafted second overall. When all was said and done, Wall had scored 29 points on 9-for-16 shooting, dished out 13 assists, and had nine steals. Wall, after the game, did note that he needs to work on cutting down his turnovers. He had eight in the game.

Wall has now joined some rather prestigious company after just three games. He is the third player in NBA history to total at least 60 points and 20 assists in his first three games. The other two are Connie Hawkins and Oscar Robertson. He also ties the likes of Jamaal Tinsley and Damon “Mighty Mouse” Stoudemire for the most assists, with 31, through three games over the start of a career.

With numbers and company such as this, John Wall has every reason to keep dancing.


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