Young Miami Heat Fan to Team: “Good Job! Good Effort!”

There wasn’t much to cheer about in Miami (of course cheering loudly just doesn’t seem to be a thing at Heat games, but that is another issue) as the Heat fell to the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals 94-90. Both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had good games, James scoring 30 points and pulling down 13 rebounds with Wade chipping in 27 points. But at times, the effort just didn’t seem to be there.

The Heat were sluggish in transition defense and didn’t hustle after the 50/50 balls with the energy of a team playing to go up a game in a series that had become a best of three. Obviously, these are the plays the national media will pick up on which will fuel the choke meme’s that are already rampant across the internet and social media. Yet, all of that might not hit home as hard as what one fan had to say to the Heat as they sullenly retreated down the tunnel to the locker room after the final buzzer had sounded.

Many people who played sports as children remember shaking the other team’s hands after every game, win or lose, and issuing platitudes to the opposing players. Since what was said was generally insincere, it was especially biting to hear after a loss. One young Miami Heat fan must have either felt the scorn of a recent loss or just has an impeccable sense of irony.

While the Heat walked off the court, the kid can be heard yelling, “Good job. Good effort!” That is cold-blooded. Perhaps, though, he was being sincere. After all he is just a kid and couldn’t possibly be as jaded as an adult, right? Whatever his intentions (I imagine some media outlet will track him down sooner or later) he has quickly become a meme. Since the internet travels at the speed of cynicism a Twitter account, @goodjobkid, has cropped up as well as merchandise with his now infamous quotes.

Well done, kid. You have trolled us all.


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