Amar’e Stoudemire channels the Based God

In Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, Amare Stoudemire was fired up. His 22 points and 12 rebounds helped the Knicks post a 113 to 112 victory over the Hawks and it looked like Stoudemire was “hungry” for more. It certainly looks like he caught a craving for some Wonton Soup. Yes, that’s right, Amar’e was imitating one of Lil B’s signature gestures as he ran down the court in celebration. Don’t believe me? Check out this .gif I created (actually they were two separate ones, I just merged them) and judge for yourself. Amar’e already thinks he looks like Jesus with his Black Jesus tattoo, which signifies his alter ego, so clearly this is his next logical progression on the path to becoming based. THANK YOU BASED GOD!


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