Carmelo Anthony is Afraid of Cats

No, but seriously. Carmelo Anthony said that he is afraid of cats. Matt Moore, doing his weekend duties at ProBasketballTalk, brought the news to light on Saturday afternoon.

In a recent “Kid Reporters” video posted by the New York Knicks’ website, Melo, when asked what he is afraid of, responds that he is scared of cats and more specifically, alley cats. Okay…

As Moore points out, the video does not contain an embed code so you have to click the link. Maybe they don’t want this video going viral but it is clearly too late for that.

I can understand being frightened of big cats like lions and tigers since they are, well, fearsome animals who stalk and kill to survive. Yeah, that would be understandable. But regular feral cats? Well, we each have our own phobias I suppose. But for Melo’s sake, I hope he stays off the internet which has become a success story for everything cat.

Be sure to shower him with Lolcats presents at his next birthday. Maybe those cheezburger loving felines will help him get over his fear.

Play him off, Keyboard Cat!


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