LeBron James to Seattle?

We all know that Pete Carroll is one crafty recruiter. He had lots of success illegally recruiting talented players to fill his roster during his time at USC. Then, like a wise man, he bolted to the NFL just before the NCAA came down on USC with the might of Zeus’ thunderbolt. Now, Carroll is the coach of the Seattle Seahawks and looks to have another trick up his recruiting sleeve. Carroll and LeBron James have been corresponding via Twitter about the potential of James joining the Seahawks during the lockout. None of this is too be taken seriously, however. It is just for fun. (But do not put it past Carroll to actively pursue it.) Take a look at the official jersey that Carroll had made for James. In the NCAA that would have been an illegal gift (official jerseys are expensive), in the NFL it is all good.

LeBron wears number 6, c'mon Pete get it right

James is not the first NBA player to show interest in playing for the Seahawks either. Earlier this year, Nate Robinson said he wanted to try out for the team. There must be some kind of intangible pull that players have towards the city of Seattle, too bad some commissioner conspired with some oilman to steal that cities basketball team…the same commissioner who is at the center of the lockout.


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