Stephen Colbert understands the NBA Lockout

The owners and the league have been catching a lot of flak recently because of their refusal to actually concede anything in the ongoing Collective Bargaining discussions. Is this right, though. Billionaire owners are people too. They have feelings and just what their opinions expressed. A 50/50 Basketball Related Income split is really just an olive branch. It is the players that are being greedy. Each one of them has a lucrative shoe and sports drink deal on the side, don’t they? They are the ones hurting the fans and preventing thousands of arena workers from having gainful employment. Stephen Colbert knows this and that is why he, like all red-blooded Americans should, has sided with the owners. Forget player rights, the owners are the ones being slighted on their investment. Poor owners, we feel for you…and we do not want to watch hockey. Ever.



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