Highlights of Chris Paul’s Charity Game

Another exhibition game! Actually, the highlights from this one are pretty damn good. After a long day of labor negotiations, which turned out to be rather, well, fruitless, some players needed to blow off a little steam. Players, and their representatives, had been in a meeting with the NBA and the owners for seven hours, yes, seven hours, earlier in the day so it is no wonder that Chris Paul, LeBron James, John Wall, Stephen Curry, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith, Rudy Gay, and others needed a venue to take out their frustrations on a rim. Luckily, Paul was hosting a charity game for the CP3 Foundation in which they could all play in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Saturday night.

The game was played at Winston-Salem State University in front of a crowd of 3,200. However, like many of the pickup games are now, it was also streamed live over the internet. According to Paul, 1,072,532 people viewed the game online.

Paul, who scored 39 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, dished eight assists, and had five steals, helped his team, along with Durant, who scored 48, get the 175-146 win over James” and Wade’s squad. It just really is not their summer. Wade scored 32 and James had 30. Nonetheless, the crowd was much more receptive to James in this game than they were in the “Battle of I-95.”

Fair warning, though. When James and Wall have the ball, they will showboat.


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