Metta World Peace issues challenge to Kevin Durant

Bring it

This summer, as the lockout dragged on, many NBA players took their games to the blacktop much to the delight of fans who crowded into cages and gyms around the country. Rucker Park, the most storied of all the playgrounds in New York City, saw its fair share of action. For a time, Kevin Durant lit up the Ruck. In one game he dropped 66 points.

Apparently, not everyone took delight to Durant’s and others’ exploits in New York. Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) took offense to all the NBAers playing in his city over the summer. World Peace has taken to New York’s blacktops every summer since he has joined the league and has made appearances during the annual EBC game at Rucker. Therefore, it is clear to see why he views his team as the tops in the city and took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to issue a challenge to Durant and anyone who would want to face his team, the TruWariers.

Then, later in the evening:

Yes, that is the real e-mail for his management. One can only gather that he is completely serious. So, Queens Bridge, and the rest of the country, standup. Let us hope that Durant accepts the challenge. The rest of the exhibition games have lost their spark, but this one would be something to look forward to, at least after World Peace finishes making movies and the league’s lockout continues.

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