EuroBasket and FIBA Americas 2011

If this doesn't scream basketball then what does?

With the lockout dragging on, perhaps they are moving forward (maybe? I hope), you may be thinking that there is nothing basketball related to watch except for classic games aired on NBATV or what you have recorded on a VHS covered in dust in a closet somewhere. Well, kind sir or ma’am, you would be wrong. There is tons of basketball to watch. Currently FIBA is holding both the EuroBasket tournament and the FIBA Americas tournament. Both will determine who will win an automatic bit to compete in the London 2012 Olympics. The United States already has a spot locked up after they won gold at the FIBA Championships last summer.

Take some time out of your day and watch a few of these games online, that is the only place you can find them for the most part. There are plenty of NBA players competing and the style of ball is fast and fun. Plus, depending on what stream you are watching, you may learn a new language. It is almost as good as Rosetta Stone! (OK, I cannot vouch for that, I went to college to learn a different language, danke.) Look, this is the only place you can get your NBA fix right now. There are actual rules governing these games unlike the pro-am’s that keep taking place. Become a basketball citizen of the world. Watch these tournaments. Didier Ilunga-Mbenga versus Timofey Mozgov is better than you could ever imagine. (Alright, the lockout has slightly lowered my standards.)

Here at the Beef, we will likely not cover the games on the site but follow us on Twitter where you may or may not enjoy our tweets about random games that are taking place.

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