Amar’e Stoudemire forming Training Camp for Knicks Players

Who needs D'Antoni? I can hold a minicamp.

Amar’e Stoudemire has taken some time off of his acting, he will appear on the douche-fest known as Entourage this Sunday, to refocus on basketball and namely keeping his fellow Knickerbockers in shape. I am a GM has the details:

If the NBA and NBPA can’t come to an agreement in time to preserve the regularly-scheduled training camp, Stoudemire has organized a minicamp at the IMG Basketball facility in Bradenton, Fla. The camp is scheduled to run from Oct. 19 to Nov. 6.

According to several players, the Knicks’ captain sent out emails about the plan to all 10 players under contract for 2011-12, plus draft picks Iman Shumpert (who is already working out at IMG) and Josh Harrellson and a few free agents from the 2010-11 roster. Center Jerome Jordan signed with a team in Slovenia (with an NBA out), so he will likely not be available to attend a workout unless the lockout is resolved.

The NBA season is scheduled to begin November 1 but neither the NBA nor the NBPA has made any grand strides to guarantee that date will be met. Both sides have, however, agreed to meet more regularly including another lengthy session on either Wednesday or Thursday next week.

Honestly, Stoudemire might a bit too hopeful that the season could begin as soon as early December based on the timing of his camp. Teams will be given a month, when (if) the lockout is resolved, to hold training camps and have a free agency period. At least for players it will be a good opportunity to train with their teammates as long as they are not currently engaged in playing overseas but other than Jordan, it does not look as though any player currently under a locked out contract will be taking their talents across an ocean. For the Knicks’ sake, players should attend the camp if invited. There is too much hype surrounding the team and the last thing the players should do is start a season, if there is one, not in basketball shape. At the very least, it is a vacation in Florida.


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