LeBron James with a Panda

China has garnered a lot of press recently and it is not because they are planning to spend one trillion dollars on infrastructure over the next five years. They have become a destination of travel and business for many NBA players during the lockout. Some want to play there and others want to barnstorm there. Others still just want to sell shoes. While there, however, there is a must on all of their lists (as if having the financial means to vacation in China during a recession was not rubbing it in our noses enough): have a meet-and-greet-and-pet with a Panda. Obviously, Pandas are not just for Carmelo Anthony anymore, take a look at LeBron James. Have a quick get together with Hakeem Olajuwon, get some valuable post knowledge, jet to China, chill with a Panda…that is simply a rough life for someone who is unemployed. Nice to know that James is coping with that Finals defeat in the best way possible.

More endangered than LeBron's clutch stats

Image via @KingJames


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