Michael Beasley’s week in review: Dyckman Park and Goodman League

It was certainly an interesting week for Michael Beasley as he played at Dyckman Park in New York City. Like many other NBAers, Beasley has used the lockout as an opportunity to take his game back to the black-topped courts where the crowd is right up on the action. Unfortunately, the close proximity of the crowd rattled his cage a little and Beasley had an altercation with an observer. Clearly, Garland Quince, the heckler, has never seen the Malice at the Palace. If he had then he would know that NBA players are big and strong and do not care for lip from less talented bystanders. Here is what happened:

Yes, Beasley straight mushed Quince in the face. Beasley has caught some flack from the incident but in all reality what he did was pretty tame and Quince probably deserved it. The most interesting part of the video is how calm Kevin Durant is. However, he was not so calm later on the same night. One one possession, Durant and Beasley were matched up against each other and it became apparent that Beasley had been listening to too much Mobb Deep of late because he became a shook one and Durant blew by him for a slam that made the crowd explode.

Team 914, which Beasley played for, did get the better of Durant and Team NIKE on the night, however, 80-77. Beasley dropped 20 points and collected seven rebounds in the win.  So, his stint playing at Dyckman can be seen as a mixed bag but for Beasley it certainly was not his best week especially since video surfaced of him having his ankles broken or simply slipping (you make the call) at a Goodman League Pro-Am game while guarding Jahmar Young. Too bad no one seemed to focus on the sloppy play at the rim after Beasley went down. That is the most embarrassing aspect of the video.

If the last week has lowered Beasley’s spirits in any way he should look on the bright side. He is still a millionaire, he is still pretty good at basketball despite the recent press, and he is focusing all news concerning the Minnesota Timberwolves on himself right now which is much better for the team than when David Kahn is the main focus.

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