Kevin Durant drops 66 points at Rucker Park

Rucker Park is legendary in the streetball world and across the basketball spectrum. It is the most famous of all the courts in New York City and has hosted many great tournaments and had many great players grace its pavement. Rucker Park has become a destination for NBA players over the years as well to display their skills in a completely different setting than the arena hardwood. One player recently went off while playing at Rucker. Kevin Durant, the NBA’s two-time  consecutive scoring champion, dropped a cool 66 points in a game. Yeah, KD, we know, you can score in droves and make it look effortless. The only thing missing from this performance was having Bobbito Garcia AKA DJ Cucumberslice AKA Kool Bob Love as the MC. You have to love the EBC games, great fun, good ball.



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