Carmelo Anthony and a Panda Bear

Carmelo Anthony has been touring China with Chris Paul this summer because, well, they are currently locked out of their jobs in the NBA. So, why not travel to China? It is a hotbed of growing basketball fandom and many NBA players have pondered signing there if the lockout continues. Plus, sometimes it is just nice to get away and if you have the money you can get far away…and sell shoes.

The tour is a promotional campaign for Team Jordan, which also features Dwyane Wade. It will showcase the players and brand in a four city event through Hong Kong, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Beijing in which the athletes will have meet-and-greets with the locals while also extolling the wonders of the iconic brand with which they are signed.

Anthony seems to have taken to his salesmanship to the next level, however. His sit down with a panda was surely an attempt to pitch product. Move over, Kevin James. Melo is the real zookeeper.

Panda muggin'

Image via @carmeloanthony


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