Hey, are you bummed that you spent most of your Sunday exhibiting fake enthusiasm for a sport and game that you should have never really given a damn about? Well, join the thousands of others who feel like you (the three of us at the Beef do not feel like you). At least it was a good excuse to day drink, right? But wait, every Sunday is a good day-to-day drink. Let us take your new-found fake depression turned nonchalant indifference and turn it into a smile with some national teams who matter and who know how to win.

Do you like dominant second half performances featuring the Mamba?

Or maybe a lengthy group of young guns will make you smile.

Hey, don’t worry. Your friends will eventually forgive you for all the time you invested in something that never mattered. Just buy them a round or two next time you go out and keep all of that new-found soccer pseudo knowledge to yourself.


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