NBA Lockout Day 12: How Kobe’s been Living

If there is one constant about the NBA it is that everyone has their own opinion about Kobe Bryant and is more than willing to share it with the rest of us. Therefore, during the lockout we have been subject to countless rumors, reports, and speculation about him and his plans for the near future. Will he be barnstorming China? Will he lace up with Deron Williams in Turkey? Is he clutch? What does he think of new Lakers’ head coach Mike Brown? Those are just a few of the stories that have floated around the interwebs since the lockout became official on July 1.

Bryant, however, has kept relatively quiet on most of the stories with which he has been linked this summer. Why? He is currently holding a basketball camp for kids. He loves kids, so much so that he turns his camp into a clinic, literally.

Just because he is who he is, Bryant has to deal with a lot of trash talk. Everyone who has picked up the sticks and played NBA2K11 or any other NBA video game thinks they have the skills to beat the Mamba one-on-one. Yep, these jackasses think that couch time translates to gym time and that a five-time NBA champion and Olympic gold medalist are no match for them. WRONG!

Who gave these tiny guys the idea that they could stop Kobe? Well, let us see how they fared against one of the greatest players on the planet.

First a kid from his camp:

Now rapper Bow Wow (is he still relevant?):

Kobe doing work.


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