The Dysfunctional Wolf Pack

Waiting is the hardest part

The Minnesota Timberwolves are nothing if not perplexing. Coming off of a not-so-awe-inspiring 17 win season the team has done little to improve itself. Granted, it is hard to make any moves with the ongoing lockout but their decision-making process continues to stagnate. General manager David Kahn continues to keep head coach Kurt Rambis in a state of limbo concerning his future with the team.

It is obvious to all outside observers that Rambis’ tenure as the team’s head coach is done. How could it not be? The team won 17 games last season and he openly quarreled with the team’s best player, Kevin Love, at the beginning of the season. Rambis does have two years and $4 million remaining on his contract with the team so maybe this is a case of Kahn not wanting to pay up if he were to fire Rambis.

Therefore, Kahn, being the cunning and shrewd general manager that he is, has come up with a solution. According to Yahoo! Sports, Kahn believed that Rambis’ contract allowed for relocation within the organization and therefore he suggested that Rambis be moved into a front office position. This comes two weeks after Kahn formally removed Rambis as head coach but did not fire him. Clearly, there is little love lost between the two men and Timberwolves management has not even communicated with Rambis for several days.

If the Timberwolves hope to ever become relevant in the post Kevin Garnett era Kahn must begin to make rational decisions based on improving his organization. Rambis led Minnesota to a 32-132 record in his two years as head coach. He must go. Rambis knows his fate but Kahn simply will not act. This is nothing new, however. Kahn seems to work on a protracted schedule. It took him three years to get Ricky Rubio into the United States and now is lollygagging with his decision about Rambis.

Whereas Kahn is biding his time making decisions another member of the Timberwolves keeps making questionable decisions. Michael Beasley was cited for speeding and for possession of marijuana on June 26 the Star Tribune reports. Beasley was clocked at 84 miles per hour in a 65 mile-per-hour zone and had 16.2 grams of marijuana in his car according to an Associated Press article posted by NBC KARE 11.

Pot and Beasley are not odd bed fellows by any stretch of the imagination. He has gotten into trouble with it before. Honestly, this will likely be a continuing trend throughout his career. What is astounding, however, is how professional athletes keep finding themselves in these situations. Beasley has a lot of money, a nice house, and probably several nice cars. Hire a driver, do no speed at 3 a.m., and stay home and play Call of Duty if you want to get high. Stay out of the spotlight. Sometimes it is just hard to get through to a 22-year-old.


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