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Carmelo Anthony and a Panda Bear

Carmelo Anthony has been touring China with Chris Paul this summer because, well, they are currently locked out of their jobs in the NBA. So, why not travel to China? It is a hotbed of growing basketball fandom and many NBA players have pondered signing there if the lockout continues. Plus, sometimes it is just nice to get away and if you have the money you can get far away…and sell shoes.

The tour is a promotional campaign for Team Jordan, which also features Dwyane Wade. It will showcase the players and brand in a four city event through Hong Kong, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Beijing in which the athletes will have meet-and-greets with the locals while also extolling the wonders of the iconic brand with which they are signed.

Anthony seems to have taken to his salesmanship to the next level, however. His sit down with a panda was surely an attempt to pitch product. Move over, Kevin James. Melo is the real zookeeper.

Panda muggin'

Image via @carmeloanthony



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Kobe Bryant’s alley-oop to Derrick Rose

Both Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose are currently touring the Philippines playing exhibition games before sell-out crowds. The people of the Philippines have had an affinity for basketball for sometime and two of the NBA’s top players performing before their eyes is special. Fans in Manila were in for a real treat as Bryant found Rose for an alley-oop slam. The crowd went wild. It has been a long time since the Thrilla in Manila but it seems like this play will satisfy all those who witnessed it.


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Kevin Durant has more Tattoos

We brought you a picture of Kevin Durant sporting his tattoos some time ago. Now, it seems that he had paid for even more ink and covered his entire chest, no sleeves, just chest. He must really like Barbera, Wanda, Jesus, old-timey Southern houses, and the Washington Nationals.

Image via TBJ


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Hey, are you bummed that you spent most of your Sunday exhibiting fake enthusiasm for a sport and game that you should have never really given a damn about? Well, join the thousands of others who feel like you (the three of us at the Beef do not feel like you). At least it was a good excuse to day drink, right? But wait, every Sunday is a good day-to-day drink. Let us take your new-found fake depression turned nonchalant indifference and turn it into a smile with some national teams who matter and who know how to win.

Do you like dominant second half performances featuring the Mamba?

Or maybe a lengthy group of young guns will make you smile.

Hey, don’t worry. Your friends will eventually forgive you for all the time you invested in something that never mattered. Just buy them a round or two next time you go out and keep all of that new-found soccer pseudo knowledge to yourself.

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NBA Lockout Day 17: We Miss Shawn Kemp

Oh, Reignman, why did you have to eat so many cheeseburgers during the last lockout? We don’t care about all the kids, we just wanted you to play a few more years. The dunks were awesome but this was super nice:

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Kobe Bryant Playing in Manila

A crowd at Araneta Coliseum got a little more than they paid for on Wednesday night as the Black Mamba decided to lace up his sneakers.

On his tour of the Philippines, Kobe Bryant made a stop in Manila for what was supposed to be a night off for him.  Instead, he took the court and played along side the Nike UAAP Stars against Smart Gilas.  The younger UAAP players ultimately lost 33-24 in the 10-minute game but according to Kobe, they could have won if there was more time on the clock.

Due to the lockout, the Lakers are not allowed to have any contact with Bryant but this video should show them that he is recovering well from his surgery.  He played a fairly conservative game but he looks good on that knee after undergoing a relatively new surgery last month in Germany.

Kobe has done several Nike Tours but has never actually taken the court and played.  Later this month, he and several other NBA stars such as Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant are set to play two separate exhibition games in Manila one being against Smart Gilas who is gearing up for a bid to the 2012 Olympics in London.


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Lockout Professionals

The NBA lockout is taxing on all of us. None more so than the players themselves. They are not being paid right now and are finding it hard trying to cope in the real world. How many athletes do you know that can make a smooth transition from the world of professional sports to a normal blue-collar life? Not many. However, it is nice to know that Kevin Love and Blake Griffin are here to help. They have teamed together, along with Tyson Chandler, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace, and even the NFL’s Adrian Peterson, to employ professional athletes currently enduring a lockout to help the common person. Who wouldn’t want these services? The price isn’t too steep either.


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