The NBA Lockout is Official

National Planking Association

Today marked the beginning of the NBA lockout as owners chose to lockout the players over their ongoing labor dispute concerning the details of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. We all knew it was coming. The league and owners have insisted all along that the teams have been hemorrhaging money for some time and could not maintain profitability is the status quo continued. Rest assured that Mark Cuban, Jerry Buss, and Rich DeVos were not among those crying wolf. Their respective teams have been over the salary cap for years.

While the players can pass time in a continuing planking battle and tweeting uncontrollably and without repercussion, what is there for the rest of us to do? It kinda feels like your first girlfriend just broke up with you, doesn’t it? What are all the bloggers going to write about now? Here is some footage of NBA fans after news of the lockout reached them:

It is a sad day. Why must billionaires and millionaires squabble? Can I have some of that money? I have student loans to pay off.

Do I just cover planking now? Can the NPA fill the void left by the lockout? How are the NPA’s playoffs structured? These are all questions to be answered in due time.

Image via @DwightHoward

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