The Cowbell Tolls for Thee: The Maloofs are Hiring

They could be your next boss

It seems odd that a team that is in relocation limbo would currently be seeing new employee but that is exactly what the Maloofs and the Sacramento Kings are doing. The Maloofs are looking for a Sales and Marketing trainee to join the Kings organization with the responsibility of promoting and selling season tickets for Kings games. Here is the job summary in full:

The primary responsibility of the Maloof Sports Sales & Marketing Representative is to cater to our potential customers by building and enhancing the personal and business relationships by identifying and understanding their needs, then customizing recommendations to meet and exceed those needs. Maloof Sports Sales & Marketing Representatives must develop an intimate knowledge of MS&E’s brands, products, and services as well the techniques and processes needed to effectively market and sell to our potential customers. The main focus will be to build our Sacramento Kings season and group ticket business, however overall sales will include other MS&E brands as well.

The entire posting can be found here.

This job posting further muddles the situation surrounding the Kings’ potential relocation. On one hand it can be interpreted as the Kings will remain in Sacramento for next season, which has been rumored of late. On the other hand, this could simply be a recruiting job for new employees who are not as attached to the organizations base in Sacramento. It is perhaps and effort to hire new blood in preparation for a move to Anaheim.

Speculate all you want, I do not have the right answer. What we know is that the team is hiring and going about business as usual.

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