Sonicsgate in Denver

Never go quietly into the night.

Generally, the average viewer would completely overlook them while watching the game in their living room. However, in Denver they were too numerous to be ignored and then ESPN showed them closeup (possibly for the first time ever), much to what is likely David Stern and Clay Bennett’s dismay. They will not go away and they will not be silent. They are Sonicsgate and the man they flashed across the screen of a nationally televised game was Jason Reid, who is the director of the group.

When the Seattle Supersonics were ripped away from their fans, who were lied to during the entire process, the organization known as Sonicsgate emerged to pester the likes of Stern and Bennett and remind fans across the league that Seattle was once home to a celebrated professional basketball team. Bennett and Stern would like to sweep all of that history under a rug but no one will let them and Sonicsgate is at the forefront.

Last season, Sonicsgate traveled to Los Angeles to sit behind the Oklahoma City Thunder bench as the team met the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. On Saturday night they appeared again, this time in Denver. They lined the seats behind the Thunder bench clad in yellow and green holding signs denouncing Bennett and reminding everyone that Kevin Durant, the league’s two-time scoring champion, was drafted by the Sonics.

The message that Sonicsgate has preached since their team was stolen is important now as another team is in the midst of relocation uncertainty. Sacramento, which has been the home of the Kings for 26 years, is in the midst of a struggle to keep their team. In Sacramento, the movement to keep the Kings was spearheaded by the fans and the cause was then taken up by Mayor Kevin Johnson. It is clear that they have seen what can happen and have learned lessons because of Sonicsgate.

Here at the Beef we have always supported Sonicsgate and that support will never waiver. What was done to the fans and city of Seattle is an abomination. Keep up the good fight and never falter in your commitment!

Image via @MikePradaSBN

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One response to “Sonicsgate in Denver

  1. Brent

    We will not go away- We will jeep fighting until we win and B-Ball is back in seattle. Peace

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