Masterful performance that fell short.

Outside of Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Chauncey Billpus the New York Knicks do not have the most dynamic roster. In fact, Mike D’Antoni would probably only play those three if given the opportunity (He has never been too keen on deep rotations). However, for their second game in Boston against the Celtics Billups was out. One down. During the game Stoudemire went down with back spasms and did not return. Two down. Now there was only one.

Carmelo Anthony came to the Knicks seeing the spotlight of the largest sports market in the world. The attention he received was not always favorable but on one of the biggest stages in all sports, he shown brighter than any paparazzi flash bulb.

Anthony went off for 42 points, 17 rebounds, six assists and two blocks which kept New York in the game with their other stars sidelined. Eventually, Boston brought the double-team to stem the flow of points poured in by number seven which forced him to give up the ball to his surrounding cast, many of whom D’Antoni had not played in quite sometime.

While Anthony’s performance was brilliant, the Knicks came up short in their efforts to go back to New York with the series tied at one game apiece. Nonetheless, this performance will go down as one of the greatest in Knicks postseason history.

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