Moochie Norris’s hair still haunts the NBA


Moochie Norris was a well-travelled NBA player that is mainly known for his huge hair and haunting bobblehead.

Moochie’s collegiate career started at Odessa College where he played from 1992-94 before he went to Auburn University for the 1994-95 season then on to the University of West Florida for the 1995-96 season.

Looking like a Treasure Troll.

He was drafted 33rd overall (fourth of the second round) in the 1996 draft by the Milwaukee Bucks.  He never played one game for them as he was waived by them on November 22, 1996.  On December 12, the Vancouver Grizzlies decided to pick him up as a free agent for some strange reason.  He was only on the team for 18 days before they waived him on December 30.

He took a vacation through the 1997-98 season and continued a practically unheard of career for the Seattle Supersonics, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks and New Orleans Hornets before being waived during the 2005-06 season.

He then played in the CBA for the Yakama Sun Kings briefly in January 2007 then traveled to Italy to play for Climamio Balogna from March to June of that year.  Moochie returned to the Sun Kings and led the league in assists.

However, his hair was awesome.

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