Eddy Curry Bought Out by Timberwolves

Everything: it's what's for dinner

Eddy Curry is without a team presently. He was officially bought out by the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday night during their loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a rare case where Tuesday actually came, yet Curry did not have to pay for his hamburger. Instead he was the one being paid…to leave. If only Wimpy J. Wellington could be so lucky.

Curry had come to Minnesota in a trade with the New York Knicks along with Anthony Randolph and $3 million cash as part of the massive Carmelo Anthony trade. That $3 million just about covers the buyout. It looks like the Timberwolves knew what they were doing when they made their deal with the Knicks. Curry was likely never going to play for the team, just like he rarely if ever played in New York.

What is next for Curry now that he has been bought out? He will probably hit up an all you can eat buffet to drown his sorrows. Maybe he can become a spokesman for a local or national burger joint. Who knows? Food does seem to hold a special place close to his heart (where it is slowly blocking his arteries).

There have been several rumors that a contender might offer him a spot deep on their bench. Miami and Boston have been the two teams who have been rumored to have the most interest. Yet, it is hard to fathom that any team would have any legitimate interest in Curry based on, well, everything. It will truly be amazing if Curry finds another job in the NBA that is not behind the concession stand. He is just that bad.


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