Andray Blatche wants to Fight

Comin', comin' at ya

Andray Blatche is many things: player on the Washington Wizards, good on paper, the laziest defender in the league, and a power forward. However, after his recent Twitter incident, you can also add  prize fighter to that list…or at least that is what he thinks himself to be.

Sarah Schorno Kogod of NBC Washington brought Blatche’s aspirations to become a fighter to light for those who do not follow him on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @drayblatche. Blatche allegedly had an internet altercation (yes, it is as lame as it sounds) with a follower on Twitter and wanted to bring his squabble into the real world. It never panned out. However, Don King should take note as internet beef can be quite profitable if marketed correctly.

Blatche’s actions can be considered commendable, though. It is easier, and cleaner, to have a war of words on the internet rather than having one at a game on national…wait this is the Wizards…local television. Maybe what Blatche knows is that FOX is bringing back that celebrity boxing show from the 1990s and he wanted an early audition.

Nonetheless, Blatche has to be happy that he can challenge people to fights via the internet. Washington D.C. is a great destination for a street fighting man. If he lived in Denver it would be a different story. Nothing good befalls athletes there.

Of course Blatche denied that it was him who made the tweets shortly after the story broke. It was probably the same person who hacked Paul Pierce’s account that broke into Blatche’s, right? That kind of stuff happens everyday. It is just like identity theft, right? Pretty common place.


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