Deron Williams traded to New Jersey Nets

Newark, here I come

In what can be considered a stunning trade, the Utah Jazz have agreed to send All Star point guard Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! broke the story this morning via his Twitter account. This trade was kept very quite by both sides until the deal was announced today.

In exchange the Nets will send the Jazz both Devin Harris and Derrick Favors as well as two of the first round picks that New Jersey has been stockpiling recently. The Nets will also send $3 million to the Jazz in the deal.

The Golden State Warriors also found themselves among teams trading with the Nets today. They will receive Troy Murphy from the Nets while trading Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright to New Jersey. It has been widely speculated that if Murphy was traded to the Warriors they would buy out his contract allowing him to become a free agent. He would then likely move on to a title contender.

The Golden State deal is completely separate from the Utah one. However, that was not made entirely clear when the news was first released.

It seems that there was a legitimate rift in Utah between their star player and the organization. Jerry Sloan’s departure can now be squarely placed on his frustration with Williams.

The biggest loser in the whole Jazz Nets trade is Jordan Farmar. With all the speculation on where Harris would be traded (i.e. Dallas or Portland) he was set to finally take the reins of an NBA team, which is what he has always wanted. Now he will be forced to continue his backup role. Poor guy.

A big round of applause for Mikhail Prokhorov this morning. After losing the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes he turns around and gives up less for a younger star player. Well done, sir. Maybe this Russian is crafty like Vladimir Putin after all.

If Williams did not get along with Sloan and his coaching style, he is sure in for a treat with Avery Johnson. They do not call him the “Little General” for nothing.


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