Kobe, get back to practice

Robert Rodriguez and Nike released their video entitled Kobe Bryant is, “The Black Mamba” featuring Kanye West, Kobe Bryant and yes, Kobe’s shoes.  However, maybe Kobe should be working on other things besides making five-minute, glorified commercials to sell shoes.

Shoe sales don’t equal titles.  If that were the case, Michael Jordan would have about 20 more rings.

The Lakers aren’t exactly in a position that would lend itself to allowing their star player to take part in extravagant ad campaigns.  The only videos Kobe should be watching are Spurs, Mavericks, Bulls, Magic and Miami highlight reels seeing as they are a combined 2-7 against these top teams.  As of late, they have lost to teams such as Sacramento, Charlotte and even Cleveland.

However, the video is entertaining if you have been living under a rock for the past few years and missed out on all the other crap that Rodriguez directed and just so happened to miss last year’s Finals that should have gone to Boston (Hey, Kendrick Perkins was injured, Ron Artest shouldn’t have made those threes and Sasha Vujacic won the game seven at the line).

For your viewing pleasure…


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