Mike Miller Injured Again

Injuries are constantly stalking Miller

Mike Miller cannot seem to catch a break. In the matter of less than a week, Miller’s head has become the target of some serious blows. The most recent one occurred last night against the Indiana Pacers.

Miller took an elbow from Jeff Foster just above his eye in the third quarter. He was taken out of the arena via wheelchair on route to an Indianapolis hospital. Team officials later described the injury as a contusion.

He will miss the next game with the Miami Heat against the Toronto Raptors and did not even travel with the team to Toronto.

Injuries are nothing new to Miller this season, yet, it is likely that they have become a serious nuisance to him. He has already missed much of the season after sustaining a thumb injury in October. This latest incident comes after taking a hard pick from Kevin Garnett (has he ever set a soft one?) in their game on Sunday. That pick came after Miller suffered a concussion against the Detroit Pistons on Friday.

Rough week.

Good thing the Heat really do not need him. Oh sure, having tertiary player is all fine and good but this team was not built around them. Case and point: Miami’s win over the Pacers despite Miller’s contusion.

In that contest, the big three for Miami scored 90 of the team’s 110 total points. (The Pacers almost pulled off a remarkable comeback, though.) They have this whole scoring thing down. The bench is just there to grab a few extra rebounds and then get the ball into the hands of one of the three. It is that simple.

Sorry, Mike Miller, it does not matter if you are healthy or hurt. You are nothing more than an after thought on this team. However, if you could stay healthy you might just find a nice little niche in the rotation. But that is a big “if.” Especially with all those bad tattoos.

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