Sasha Vujacic chooses not to score a lot

It's simple, Sasha just chooses not to be a scorer.

Supposedly, Sasha Vujacic thinks he’s a better basketball player than he really is.

We all know Sasha for his long, stupid looking hair and beautiful wife, Maria Sharapova.  However, we don’t know him for his ability to score 30 points a night.

Well, according to The Newark Star-Ledger, Sasha (averaging 11 points a game) is ‘too humble’ to score 30 a night.  To the Beef, it’s more like he just straight-up doesn’t have the ability to do so.

“I know I can score 20 or 30 points anytime I want,” Vujacic said. “But I’m not that kind of a guy. I want to win. I want to play the right way. Some games I’m going to get 10 shots, some games 15 shots; sometimes, especially coming off the bench, you’re going to feel cold, and you need time to get in the rhythm. But right now, what I care the most is for us to become a better team. And we are really capable of doing that.”


Sasha has only scored over 20 points once this season and that was 25 against New Orleans last week.  In fact, that 25 was a career high for him.  Before that, he had never scored more than 22.  While playing six seasons in LA, he only scored 20 or more points four times and those games all just so happened to be in the 2007-08 season.

In addition, if he’s so obsessed with winning, why has New Jersey only done it 17 times so far this season?  In those 17 wins, he averaged 9 points.  Overall, the Nets are 12th in the East and second to last in the league in scoring with just over 94 a game. Seems like maybe they NEED him to score that much a night.  Brook Lopez is leading the team in scoring and even he is only putting up 19 a night.

So, Sasha is partially right.  He isn’t the type of guy to score that much a night but it’s pretty much due to the fact that he can’t.


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One response to “Sasha Vujacic chooses not to score a lot

  1. Is that a real quote?

    Everyone knows “the Machine” is a practice player. He must think he’s still with LA. Avery Johnson could D-up Sasha.

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