Looks Like He Made It…

Rebound king

Now that the complete list of NBA All Stars has been revealed it is time to take a look at a deserving player who did not make the teams this year. As with many years, the fans and coaches made picks without putting to much thought into changing up the entire face of the game. Yes, the teams are boring in their makeup with the exception of Blake Griffin being named a reserve for the West. That is about the best thing about the rosters. Al Horford received a much deserved spot on the Eastern Conference team as well. Yet, the player who was left off the West team was slighted.

Why is Kevin Love not an All Star? Can anyone answer that question? Tim Duncan is on the team but Love is not. Really? The Minnasota Timberwolves are not a good team. Not by a long shot. However, that does not mean that Love’s game is some form of untouchable putrid squalor. In fact, it is the exact opposite. He leads the entire league in rebounding. To date, Love has totaled 745 rebounds, 233 offensive and 512 defensive. That gives him an average of 15.5 rebounds per game. He has 34 straight double-doubles!

The next closest (closest is a relative term here) player is Dwight Howard, All Star. Howard has 655 total rebounds, 90 less than Love! He has 187 offensive and 468 defensive rebounds while averaging 13.6 per game. Yawn. Kevin Love can do that in his sleep.

Offensively, Love’s and Howard’s numbers are quite similar, except for one thing. Love has range. He is shooting 43.9 percent from three-point land this season. He is a 6’10” power forward. How does he even get offensive boards with a stroke that nice? Love has the Numb#rs, can you say 30-30? Yet, he was snubbed.

*Record scratches*

Hold up.

Did David Stern actually make a decision that the entire NBA and its fanbase can agree with? Well, blow me down. Stern, on Friday night, pegged Love as Yao Ming’s replacement for the All Star Game.

It is good to know that Stern occationally gets something right. Love deserves his first All Star nod. He will likely become a staple at the All Star Game for years to come. The only question now is how many rebounds he can pull down in the game.

Love found a way.


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