Cleveland Cavaliers, Futility is Thy Name

Cleveland does not rock

Last night the woeful Cleveland Cavaliers lost their 22nd consecutive game as the Indiana Pacers came back to win the game after being down five with about three minutes to play. The Cavaliers futility is impressive and the Pacers should have never been in that position. They are fighting for a playoff spot.

Now, the Cavaliers are staring down the barrel of a very undesirable NBA record. The 1997-98 Denver Nuggets and 1995-96 Vancouver Grizzlies are each tied for the record of longest losing streak in a single season with 23 consecutive losses. Cleveland is one loss away from joining those illustrious ranks.

If it was not for a fluke overtime win against the New York Knickerbockers on December 18, 2010, the Cavaliers would have already trumped all futility marks in the NBA record books. They would have piled up 33 consecutive losses had the Knicks and some would-be MVP candidate beat them.

Cleveland’s next game is on the road against the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday February 4. When, not if, they lose that game their course of destiny will almost be fullfilled. They will be one loss away from the single season losing mark and the Portland Trail Blazers will have the opportunity to get them over the hump so that they can achieve futility greatness.

But wait, there is another … statistic they can break that is. The funny thing about the stat is that it was set by the Cavaliers in the early 1980s. Over the course of two seasons, spanning from 1981-82 to 1982-83, the Cavaliers set the all- time consecutive loss mark at 24 games. This year’s team could potentially break that mark. On February 7, Cleveland will travel to Dallas to take on the Mavericks. (One half of the Beef will be in attendance.) It will be up to the Mavericks to sink all hopes of the Cavaliers and clear a path to hopelessness and a 25th consecutive loss. That is if the Grizzlies and Trail Blazers hold up their end of the bargain.

That “decision” that some former Cleveland player keeps looking better and better for him. If this is the team he was going to play with this season who can blame him for leaving? People in Cleveland always will I suppose. Great job on assembling a team, Dan Gilbert.


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