Seems as though the Timberwolves are making quite a stink about one of their superstars not making the starting lineup for this year’s All Star Game.

Minnesota’s public relations department has put together a fake advertisement for Kevin Love’s new fragrance line called ‘Numb#rs’ to help convince coaches to at least vote the third-year player out of UCLA as a reserve for the game.

The box was mailed out to all Western Conference coaches the day the starters were unveiled and Love was not on that list.  The packet includes a 30-second DVD containing a fake commercial along with an actual bottle of the fragrance.  The team has even set up a website (612 is the area code for Minneapolis).

This isn’t the first time the Timberwolves have had to lobby for one of their players to make the All Star roster.  They last sent out GPS units to all the coaches to promote Al Jefferson for the 2009 game with the slogan “map to Phoenix.”

It didn’t work since Jefferson went down with a knee injury just before the break.

No one should be surprised by how hard they are having to push to get some attention for their young star.  Minnesota has an 11-26 record and is last in the league at points allowed.

The only teams that they have beaten that made the playoffs last season are the Bucks and Cavaliers.  This season, Milwaukee isn’t that dangerous and Cleveland sorely misses LeBron James.

However, the Timberwolves are No. 1 in the league in rebounding mainly due to Love.  He is averaging 21.6 points and 15.7 rebounds a game making him the second player since Moses Malone to average 20 and 15 a game when he did it in 1982-83.  In addition, he recorded 31 points and 31 rebounds against the Knicks in November becoming the first player to record a 30-30 since Malone did in 82.

Love’s numbers stick out and hopefully his cologne will too for his sake.  However, a team such as the Wolves is doubtfully going to get any love from the coaches out West.


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