Mamma Said Knock You Out

One of the greatest games for the Super Nintendo (there is one in the living room here) was Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. It mastered the art of pitting a tiny protagonist against lumbering and quite comical behemoths on the route to fight the greatest boxer at the time, Mike Tyson. Each boxer had their own weaknesses that were easy to exploit once a player learned them. However, I sure am glad that this opponent was not in the original version.

With the way that Tyson Chandler has transformed the Dallas Mavericks’ defense he has proven that he is a paint presence to be reckoned with. Kevin Garnett would certainly have qualms about punching Chandler in the junk. Chandler would punch him out.


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  1. Hope you guys were watching the old men beat up on the Lakers today. When the Celtics are on all cylinders they are a joy to watch. As for the Lakers….what would they be without Kobe? They are a one man team.

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