Anthony Randolph’s two points per game enter Carmelo Anthony trade talk

Why does this man have anything to do with Carmelo?

It was a hot summer of offseason moves and acquisitions that has created a season unlike any other we have ever seen.  This trade deadline is not trying to stray from the theme of shock and awe.

Carmelo Anthony felt left out this summer and now he and Denver are clogging the Internet with news overload of a potential trade.  It’s leaving a pretty bad taste of rotten Beef.

Now, the Knicks put Anthony Randolph on the trading block for a potential first round pick.

Randolph is averaging two points a game.

Who would trade a first round pick for a 21-year-old who is coming off of a season where he only played 33 games and is now only putting up only a bucket a night?

Supposedly, New York is putting him out there for the draft pick that they would ultimately send to Denver.  They have been shopping with some teams that they (and we) think will be potential lottery teams.  Minnesota, Indiana and Portland have been talked about as potential new homes for Randolph.

However, the Knicks may be trying to unwrap their present a little early with Melo not ruling out the option of just finishing his season in Denver and then signing as a free agent in the Big Apple.

It is still unknown if they will be able to grant him the max deal he wants and we still have to see if this collective bargaining agreement goes through.  Both would reduce his pay dramatically.

As this trade stalls even more and more over Anthony’s unwillingness to sign a $65 million extension, which would be required for it to occur, the league is sitting and waiting.

Dallas needs a new forward.

Orlando has not ruled out shopping for more players.

Charlotte is looking to rebuild.

Boston is having a problem with continuously injured big men.

Portland is losing its star for an extended period of time.

Miami needs some more presence off the bench.

Atlanta is a mess and so is Phoenix.

Nothing has been mentioned about any sort of deals between any of the teams above outside of ones that ultimately tie back to Anthony.  Everyone wants to talk about this trade and no one is making moves in the mean time.  Owners outside of these talks have no idea what sort of deal will be worked out for Melo.  The trade deadline looms on February 24 and the All Star break is the perfect time to reformulate a team to prime itself for the playoffs.

By then, everyone should know where they stand.  By then, we will know where Carmelo will be ending the season.


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