Allen Iverson plans for surgery but not retirement

"Injury? Injury? Why we talkin' about injuries?"

Seems as though Allen Iverson’s European tour has hit a road bump but the pain isn’t enough to force him to finally fade away.

The former NBA All Star and 2001 MVP plans to have a lesion removed from his right leg but hopes to return to the court in four to six weeks with his Turkish team, the Besiktas, just in time for the playoffs.

Iverson signed a two-year, $4 million deal with the team after no one in the NBA took interest in the four-time NBA scoring champion.  A test run on his calf three weeks exposed a shadow between two bones in his leg.  A second MRI that was taken a few days later showed that the dot had doubled in size to somewhere around the size of half a penny.

Gary Moore, Iverson’s longtime agent, said that the cause could be anything from cyst to an actual tumor.  A lesion itself is damaged tissue that could be from tumor growth or even actual trauma.  Doctors have yet to determine what Iverson’s is though.

No timetable has been set for surgery but Moore stated that Iverson is moving on as if the lesion is benign.  He does not plan on retiring and is actually enjoying his time in Turkey.

Another MRI is scheduled for this week and the Besiktas are still determining how they will move forward with Iverson.


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