Trillionaire Fired…err, Waived

Trillionaire Boys Club

On Wednesday, trillionaire Steve Novak received the news that no one wants to hear in this sluggish economy. Que Donald Trump: “You’re fired.”

Well, Novak was not exactly fired. He was waived by the Dallas Mavericks so that the team could free up roster space after Caron Butler had season ending surgery. In addition, Novak’s one-year contract would have been fully guaranteed had he remained on the team after January 10. The Mavericks’ roster now stands at 14.

Unemployment is never fun. Good thing he is a trillionaire.

Novak, if you did not know, is the active leader of the stat line known as Trillions. It is defined as:

one trillion (wun tril’-yun) noun. Denotes those occasions in which a player logs one minute of playing time without recording any other statistic. The term is derived from the player’s statistical line in a box score, which (sometimes) reads as a one followed by 12 zeros — the conventional English-language numeric representation of one trillion.


In all reality the actual number would now translate to a quadrillion with the amount of statistics categories recorded. It is a pretty embarassing stat in every facet.

Novak has 39 Trillions in his illustrious NBA career.


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