New Year’s Resolutions

Here at the Beef we have been relatively slow during the holiday season. This has been because of certain circumstances that have befallen the both of us as of late (i.e. work and the lack of regular internet). However, with the dawn of a new year upon us we pledge to continue, if not whole heartedly ramp up, the quality you have come to expect from us.

We closed out 2010 on a high note and hope that it shall continue. In March the Beef will celebrate its one year anniversary and we have you, the reader, to thank for the successes that we have seen. Thank you.

On to our resolutions:

We resolve to continue to be as opinionated as we have been, to improve the site for the benefit of us and you, to try and stay away from all of the trade rumors that saturate the everyday “news” of the NBA (unless we deem it worthy), to point out the failings of so-called good teams, to write about Kevin Love and JaVale McGee even more, to sit by and watch the NBA come to a work stoppage, to give credit to the young players who are poised to take over the league, to continue to call the center position dead, and to keep our faith in one day seeing the Larry O’Brien trophey raised in Dallas by some one wearing a Mavericks jersey.

Again, thank you for all the support. Have a happy new year.  

P.S. We promise to continue to ignore all of you conversations when we are together to talk about basketball.


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