Allen Iverson Wants Out of Turkey…Or Does He?

Could Iverson drive right out of Turkey?

Last night, Kurt Helin of NBC Sports reported on a shocking revelation. Rumors are beginning to surface that Allen Iverson is becoming somewhat discontent playing in Turkey. Who would have guessed that after playing for Besiktas Cola Turka for only a month he would want out? Well, everyone basically.

The rumors began when almost as soon as he arrived in Turkey according to It seems as though Iverson never truly “clicked” with his teammates or the fans. His poor performance through just three outings with Besiktas can likely be blamed for the poor fan support thus far. Iverson has averaged 12.3 points, 1.7 rebounds, and 2.3 assists while shooting a paltry 35.4 percent on two-pointers.

Since the rumors of his discontent became more prevalent, Iverson turned to Twitter to rectify the situation:

What’s up everybody? I want all of yall to know that I am very happy here in Istanbul. My family and I are making this our home. The Fans and my Teammates here are great, and we are building good chemisty. For those of you who really care about be just know this, I am very pleased and I am enjoying this ride! God Bless.

Believe whatever you want and yes, he misspelled chemistry. Please understand though that Iverson is simply using his Twitter account as a more immediate form of personal PR. Would you honestly expect him to tweet about how he hates it in Turkey? He would get fined by the team (maybe, I do not know if that is in his contract) if he did.

Iverson does not have an opt-out clause in his contract until after his first year with Besiktas is finished. With the grumblings that are occurring now it is likely that he will take full advantage of that clause … if he lasts that long.



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3 responses to “Allen Iverson Wants Out of Turkey…Or Does He?

  1. Nice text & picture, thank you.

  2. The pact gives him the flexibility to opt out after the current Turkish season is complete and the speculation is that is what he will look to do. .On the surface it would seem kind of strange that someone who was voted into the All-Star Game who is not very far removed at all from a 20-point scoring average would be forced to head to a foreign outpost like this. Of course we say that with an understanding of how many embrace individual talent sometimes to the exception of what is best for team chemistry.

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