Obama Talks About Miami Heat

Pundits and talking heads have declared that the recent elections were a “referendum” on Barack Obama’s presidency. Common sense states that at least one house of congress has changed hands during the midterm elections at least once during a president’s term in office since the first Bush (maybe even Reagan but it is late and I do not feel like researching that). Call it what you will as long as you understand that it means that the status quo is still the predominant factor driving Washington.

Where some say that Obama was “defeated” what is certain is that the expectations that surrounded him were never as high as those surrounding the Miami Heat this season. The Heat lost again, the third time in a row, on Wednesday night to the Orlando Magic. Obama has never faced such setbacks as the Heat have.

When asked about the Heat by Barbara Walters (God knows if she has ever watched a basketball game), Obama said that it takes time and more than just superstar talent to win. Only time will tell if  Obama’s wait and see policy towards the Miami Heat will pan out. “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” Ah, those words ring true to every person who has ever balled in any form of league.

Why the hell would Barbara Walters even ask him about the Heat anyway? Obama is from Chicago! He is a Bulls fan. Ask the man a Bulls question if you are going to ask him about basketball. Did she not see him put Magic Johnson in his place with a 1991 Michael Jordan switching-hands layup reminder when the Lakers visited the White House? The Chi and the Mia are in the same conference. Do not ask the man to talk about the Heat.

Obama should sit down with David Stern and Billy Hunter, stare each of them in the eye, and tell them that a lockout would be (hand on the red phone) unwise. Make Obama the commissioner after his eight years (yeah, I said it) are up. The NBA could use some change.

P.S.    Sorry about all the Heat articles this week. We will get back to normal coverage (i.e. Mavericks, Kevin Love) after Thanksgiving.


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