Devin Harris Commits Flagrant 2 Foul Against Blake Griffin

If you were watching the Los Angeles Clippers host the New Jersey Nets last night (no, I figured that you were not) then you saw one of the uglier and more heinous fouls committed in the NBA this season. In a fast break opportunity, Devin Harris chased down Blake Griffin, who would have scored easily, and maliciously fouled him by grabbing him around the neck and bringing him to the court. Griffin remained on his hands and knees for some time after the play and suffered a cut on his elbow. Harris was given a flagrant 2 foul and promptly ejected.

Harris probably had no intentions, initially, of fouling Griffin as hard as he did, but a simple swipe across Griffin’s arms would have prevented any dunk or lay-up attempt. It is not as if Harris could not have run a few more feet to gain a better angle to foul the slower Griffin. In all likelihood, Harris will be lucky if he escapes with just a fine. He made no attempt to go for the ball at all as can be seen in the video. The NBA will likely make a ruling soon on Harris’ punishment as this sort of behavior is better suited for the gridiron and not the hardwood.

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