Fantasy Update

Tell Slater that even Screech is beating him in fantasy

We are now a few weeks into the season and the league is starting to take shape. Here is an update on how are teams, Dipset and TruWariers 5.0 are doing.


For Dipset, things could not have gotten off to a worse start. The team is in last place (10th – 2951 pts.) and needs a dramatic turn around if there is going to be any hope of finishing in the top three. Luckily, there is a lot of season left and that turn abound could come at any moment if the right moves are made.

Dipset has made just two moves this season, both coming shortly after the draft. A boost should come when Carlos Boozer returns from injury but in the meantime players other than Dwyane Wade need to have better production for Dipset to start making the climb up the ladder. It also did not help the cause when Wade finished with negative points the other night.

TruWariers 5.0

The story is much different for TruWariers 5.0. After beginning the season hovering in ninth and eighth, TruWariers 5.0 catapulted into contention and now sits in third place (4121.50 pts.), well within striking distance of second place.

TruWariers 5.0 has made three moves this season. One of them came on draft night while the other two were timely production based moves. The second move was dropping Kendrick Perkins, who is injured, for Serge Ibaka, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s backup center who splits time, almost exactly, with Nenad Krstic. Most recently, TruWariers 5.0 dropped Linas Kleiza, who unfortunately is not playing at the level he was this summer at the world championships and is down with injury, for Mike Dunleavy Jr.

The TruWariers benefited greatly this week when Kevin Love dropped 31 points and 31 rebounds against the New York Knicks. It was that night that propelled the team into the upper echelon of the league.

Below is a team by team comparison.

From this we can determine that Dipset is shooting 46 percent on field goals, 76 percent from the charity stripe, and almost 32 percent from downtown. TruWariers 5.0 is shooting 45 percent from the field, almost 78 percent from the line, and 34 percent from behind the arc. From these numbers, the two teams are very similar. However the disparities abound in terms of rebounding as assists especially with TruWariers currently leading all teams in rebounding.

We will have another fantasy update for you in another couple of weeks. Hopefully, this current makeup will have changed for the better for each of the teams as they play for pride and 1st place.


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