Michael Beasley and His Hair drop 42 on the Kings

We are too poor to shell out money to Getty Images

Have you watched a Minnesota Timberwolves game this season? No, I figured you had not. Do not worry, this is not another piece fawning over Kevin Love. There is plenty of season left for that. Rather, this is a piece concerning the style of one particular player on the T-Wolves. That player is Michael Beasley.

Tonight the Timberwolves topped the Sacramento Kings on the road 98-89 in their second win of the season. A major part of this win was Beasley who the Kings simply could not stop. He scored 42 points in a little over 41 minutes. It was a career-high. Nuts, right? I mean this is Michael Beasley. When the words career and high are used to describe something that he has done scoring the basketball is not the first thing that jumps to mind. The Heat ditched him for some Bosh guy who keeps getting lit up instead of lighting it up. Beasley also collected nine rebounds on the evening as he paced Minnesota.

Moore hair

The bigger story, as I see it, however, is Beasley’s hair. Have you seen it? If you saw the above image then you have. It is wild. Beasley has been known throughout his short career for sporting a variety of different hair styles but this one takes the cake. I am not quite ready to call any coiffure that channels so much Mikki Moore a career best. Hopefully Beasley will either fully embrace the look and grow it to exaggerated lengths or will stop by his barber and change it up.

The Timberwolves may be bad but at least they give us something to talk about. That is more than we can say about some teams in the league.


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