Supersonics Fans Fight On

Underneath the bridge, my tarp has sprung a leak

With David Stern’s recent hollow threat of league contraction we must remember how cruel the evil emperor truly is. He has essential contracted cities who do not tout his rhetoric as the truth and final, unwavering word on every issue. One city has spearheaded the fight against Stern’s dictatorship. Hopefully, they will win their fight.

As the Oklahoma City Thunder traveled to the Pacific Northwest to play the Portland Trailblazers a familiar face from slightly further north than Portland showed up for the game. Squatch, the Seattle Supersonics’ mascot, was court side with a poignant sign. The sign had one simple word on it, “Homeless.” This word sums up the entirety of the sentiment of basketball fans in Seattle.

Clay Bennett and David Stern conspired (don’t lie to yourself in thinking that they didn’t) to rid the city of Seattle of an NBA franchise. They did not act alone but they were the masterminds of this rape. Without a blink of an eye, Stern let Bennett relocate the Sonics to Oklahoma City. The Supersonics were one of the proud franchises in the NBA having even won a championship. For Stern and Bennett the only definition of success is money. Their crimes against Seattle should not be forgotten or forgiven.

Sonicsgate and basketball fans throughout the Pacific Northwest are making sure that the death of the Supersonics will not go quietly into the night. And rightly so. When the Thunder were in the playoffs last summer, Sonics fans filled the rows behind Oklahoma’s bench when they were in L.A. They even had better seats than Bennett. There were more green jerseys in the stands at the Staples Center than teal ones.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the Thunder as the season started this year and their star, Kevin Durant. However, Durant was not drafted by the Thunder, he was drafted by the Supersonics. It seems that the media has a short memory when it lavishes everything about the Thunder without acknowledging their flaws. They were born from flawed visions and twisted motives.

We should never forget the atrocity that happened to Seattle and we are proud to see that fans keeping the fight alive and relevent. We at the Beef will not forget what happened and we hope that everyone will keep the Sonics on the forefront of their mind. Make Stern and Bennett remember what they did. Speak up and have a voice. Find Squatch a home! I hear that KeyArena is nice this time of year…


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