Patrick Beverley and Da’Sean Butler cut after Stackhouse joins Heat

Stackhouse used to feel differently about the Miami Heat

It is a sad day at the Beef. One of the players we decided that you should be watching this season has been cut. Yes, it is a travesty. Patrick Beverley, the rookie point guard, has been cut by the Miami Heat along with fellow rookie Da’Sean Butler. Their roster now stands at the maximum 15 allowed by the NBA.

We lament the cut of Beverley but understand that the Heat have no inclinations concerning rookie development when they can keep adding whatever pieces they see fit around their triumvirate. does not even have Beverley’s name spelled correctly so it looks as though it would have been an uphill battle anyway. Hopefully, Beverley can find minutes elsewhere despite having a fully guaranteed two-year $1.2 million deal with the Heat. Beverley averaged 6.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and three assists for the Heat during the preseason.

Looking at the Heat roster and glancing past the three glaring names that jump out at you when you do so you will see a team built for mediocrity. That, however, does not matter because of the aforementioned three glaring names. They should be quite enough to make this team more than successful.

Over the weekend Miami was forced to find a serviceable replacement bench presence when news that the injury to Mike Miller’s thumb would require surgery surfaced. They could have turned to players already on their roster as it stood at 17 at the time. However, they chose to look outside the organization (big surprise). Jerry Stackhouse, who famously tackled Shaquille O’Neal in the 2006 Finals, was more than available. He has joined the slew of aging veterans vying for a championship with Miami this season.

Stackhouse was a key contributor off the bench for Milwaukee’s playoff run last year. The Heat are hoping that he can be the same for them, in terms of off the bench production, this season. One issue, though, is that Stackhouse over the last few seasons, has battled injuries, something the Heat are becoming all too familiar with, and his actually playing time comes towards the end of the season. Miami needs him now, sort of.

Stackhouse has lost a step or two with age and has never developed a long ball with any consistency. The Heat signed Miller because of his range despite the fact that he has become a reluctant shooter in recent years and become a good rebounder. Miami needs rebounders because their centers are not the best in the league by any stretch of the imagination at cleaning the glass. Stackhouse’s role will be that of body on the floor. If he scores 10 points in a game, that would be an added bonus for the team, but completely unnecessary on a regular basis. Enjoy the South Beach lifestyle, Jerry. Life will be sweet, unless injuries continue to be an issue.


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