Allen Iverson’s Deal with Besiktas

Bring on the döner kebaps

It looks as though former NBA All Star, Allen Iverson, has finally come to terms with Besiktas, later than expected, to play in Turkey. According to Yahoo!, Iverson has reportedly agreed to a two-year deal with the team worth $4 million. That number is far more than he would have received from any NBA team this season. They offered him a grand total of $0.

The contract, which Iverson is expected to sign later this week (funny, isn’t this how the last Iverson to Besiktas story was reported as well?), is quite favorable towards the former Rookie of the Year and NBA MVP. It is loaded with incentives, most of which will come in the form of advertising royalties, and contains an opt-out clause after this season.

Besiktas has already begun their regular season but Iverson could join the team the first week of November and could play for them as early as November 6. Besiktas is considered the third most powerful team in the Turkish first division.

There is no word as to whether Iverson will come off the bench or participate in practice. He has never much cared for either of those. A strong showing in Turkey could turn the heads of some NBA general managers. Who knows, maybe the Miami Heat will come calling. They are always in the market for aging veterans and one of Iverson’s caliber could benefit them. However, there is no provision in the contract for Iverson to leave the team this season. So any potential pursuers will have to wait.


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