What is Gilbert Arenas thinking?

There is potential for Gilbert Arenas' behavior to cause a young Wiz team to stumble.

He made headlines last season when he brought guns into the locker room.  His suspension crippled a team that ended up dumping some of its most talented players to try and rebuild.  Gilbert Arenas tore a team down last season and it looks like there is no end in sight.

Earlier this week, Arenas admitted to faking a knee injury in order for four-year shooting guard Nick Young a start in the Wizards preseason game against the Hawks.  Last week, the three-time All-Star stated that it was no longer his team.  In the statement, he said that it was No. 1 overall pick John Wall’s team to run from here on out.

Just last night, in Washington’s home, preseason opener against the Bucks, Arenas left the game after only three minutes with a strained groin.  Head coach Flip Saunders fined Arenas just before the game for faking his knee injury and wasn’t very vocal about defending Agent Zero.  He stated that he has done enough for him and does not feel like revisiting the issue.

The Washington Wizards are in the midst of rebuilding a team that they essentially tore apart last season.  With the trades of Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood for practically nothing, Washington fans must be shaking their heads at how their shooting guard is behaving.

They made several moves this offseason by bringing in Kirk Hinrich and drafting Wall at No. 1.  In addition, JaVale McGee had some impressive showings in the Vegas Summer League and Andray Blatche ended last season on a high note due to increased minutes from the Wiz’s trades.  Kevin Seraphin, 17th overall pick, should give them some extra boost in the frontcourt with his athleticism.

However, this team’s success this season teeters on Arenas and his behavior.  He could easily make or break this team.  Washington needs to alleviate the situation and fast.  Trading him is definitely not an option since he still has four years left on the six-year contract he signed in the summer of 2008 for $111 million.  No team in the NBA can afford to pick up a contract like that especially for a headache like Gil.

The Wizards have a potential situation on their hands that could blow at any moment.  An unhappy superstar can really disrupt a young team like Washington and their rebuilding could go down the tube if Arenas doesn’t turn his attitude around.


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