Drop it like it’s Hot

Roddy B was channeling NBA Jam last night because he was "On Fire"

Last night, Rodrigue Beaubois (Roddy B), simply lit up the Golden State Warriors. “He’s heating up!” is the memorable line from NBA Jam when a player scores two consecutive buckets. Roddy B, once entering the game, wasted no time heating up. “He’s on fire!” is the exclamation once a player drains three consecutive shots causing the basketball to glow and burn with fire, burning the net with each made basket. Roddy did not need any heat check shots last night; he came in on fire and maintained that level of play throughout the game.

Beaubois could not miss it seemed as he continued to make it rain from downtown throughout the game. He was the spark that the Dallas Mavericks need as they started the game sluggishly (as is their newfound unfortunate custom) but never trailed by any insurmountable amount. Roddy picked up the slack. Oh, and did I mention he is a rookie? He is. He is also an amazing (freakish) talent with speed, quickness, and agility. His three-point shot is also a thing of beauty. The Warriors should feel privileged to have witnessed it. “He pulls up…From Downtown!” Beaubois was 9-11 from behind the arc on route to his career high of 40 points. There was simply no stopping him and there was nothing the Warriors could do because Don Nelson has no idea what defense is.

40 points is the second highest rookie total in Mavericks’ history behind Mark Aguirre’s 42. It is also the second highest point total set by a rookie this season. Brandon Jennings has the high mark with 55. They are the only two rookies that have scored 40 or more points this season. Not even our ROY pick, Tyreke Evans, has dropped 40. He does have a triple-double though so we’ll call it even. Roddy B’s 40 points are also the fifth most by a rookie since the 2004-05 season. Beaubois also had the third most points in a quarter by a rookie this season scoring 21 in the second quarter. At one point during the game, in a span of less than one minute Beaubois drained three straight three-pointers. On fire indeed.

This scoring outburst will surely do little to quell the growing Free Roddy B movement here in the Metroplex but how can that be a bad thing? He needs to play more. The Warriors are not the cream of the crop of NBA teams so it was a game in which a player with Roddy B’s skill set was poised to go off. He played the entire game at the off guard position, Rick Carlisle noted after the game, and did not play single minute at point. The real test of Carlisle’s trust in Roddy will be Monday night when the Mavericks host the Denver Nuggets, the team they are tied for second place in the West with. It was easy to unleash Roddy against a frenetic up and down team like the Warriors but Denver is a different animal. Their team defense could exploit Beaubois’ rookie weaknesses and make him turnover prone. They will certainly be watching film of Beaubois’ Saturday night point eruption and will be keen to guard him if they see him enter the game.


Last night’s outburst has certainly moved Roddy up the bench a seat or two and all but solidified him a spot when an opponent plays small-ball and the Mavericks counter with a three guard set. Roddy’s game was on especially on point “From long range!” His scoring is certainly what the Mavericks need more of off the bench. The future can only be brighter for this young, up and coming star. It is no doubt, if the Mavericks keep him, Beaubois will become the future of the franchise. However, because he is still an unpolished rookie he will have to earn his minutes for big games down the stretch and for the playoffs. Last night certainly won’t hurt his odds.


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