Newly acquired Salmons helping the Bucks filet opponents

Antawn to the Cavs? Caron and Brendan to Dallas?  No, John Salmons to Milwaukee.  That’s the trade that absolutely no one is talking about.  Maybe it’s the fact that they have only won four playoff games in the last eight years.  Or maybe it’s because we were supposed to write these guys off when Michael Redd went down with a busted knee back in early January.  Regardless, the Bucks are doing just that, getting buck in the East with the No. 5 seed.

Tonight, they held their own against the Celtics in an 86-84 win.  This is their tenth win in the last 11 games since the All-Star break and acquisition of Salmons.  They are currently on a four-game win streak that includes a win over Cleveland.  Grant it, Lebron was on the bench with a sore back and ankle but a win is a win especially for these Bucks who were written off by many.

During his time in Milwaukee, Salmons has averaged just above 19 points a game and in tonight’s game, hit a three pointer in the final four minutes of the game that gave Milwaukee its finishing lead.  Center Andrew Bogut is reveling in the acquisition as well and has scored in the double digits in all but one game in this span of time.  The Aussie has stated that he enjoys the amount of versatility Salmons gives them on the offensive side of the ball.

“We have a solid three options now to score the basketball,” Bogut said. “The ball obviously goes inside; and Brandon (Jennings) plays well off the pick-and-roll. We can isolate Salmons as one of our better options. It definitely helps us.”

Along with Carlos Delfino rounding out into a better level of scoring consistency and the rookie Brandon Jennings looking like he has done this before, the Bucks definitely have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and hopefully years.  However, things wont be getting any easier for Milwaukee with a schedule that still includes games against Utah, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago and two more against both the Atlanta Hawks and the Celtics.  If the seeds in the East hold (in all actuality, they wont), they are set to face the Hawks in the first round.  Hopefully, the Bucks can keep it up and give whoever they meet in the first round a run for their money.


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